Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cherry Tree block 25

block 25 - last one
This is the last of the individual blocks.  I'll trim them to size and stitch them together tomorrow.  Last night, I cut out the freezer paper for the leaves on the three borders we've gotten so far.  The last border will be posted Feb. 10th.  Tonight, I'll work on berries.    Lots and lots of berries.  I have them all cut out but need to stitch the gathering threads and pull them up over the templates, then press them.


  1. Mary your block is very pretty.
    I really like your fabric choices.

  2. It's a gorgeous block! I envy anyone who does applique so beautiflly, it is a skill I have yet to perfect LOL!!!

  3. Oh, my gosh!!! You are on the home stretch and I haven't even started!!! You are doing a great job. The fabrics you are using are just wonderful. Am looking forward to seeing all the blocks together.


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