Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The ball gown

Blogger is really playing with me today.  It just doesn't seem to like me posting pictures.  Well, I disagree!

This is the ball gown I made my granddaughter for Christmas and the reason I had to have a new machine.  (Any excuse will do!)

On a hanger before being wrapped

Every one of those dots sparkles!

The Princess on Christmas

And when at a ball, you dance!

Doll got a matching dress and shoes plus a raincoat and hat
that apparently had to be worn together


  1. How lovely and she does look like a little princess!

  2. So pretty...very much a princess!

  3. It just makes me smile!! She is so happy, the smile on her face says it all - you did a a fabulous job. How did the glass slippers request pan out?
    Love the dance too ;-)

    Glad you are enjoying the new machine.

  4. She looks like a very very happy fairy princess. Great job! Ady

  5. Well, you certainly HAVE been busy. I've never seen such a beautiful ball gown of this size. Very befitting such a beautiful little girl.

  6. Your. GD. and. Your. Grand daughter. Are. Both beautiful.

  7. just beautiful one year I made my DD a pink ball gown for Halloween and dress up
    she wanted to be Glenda from the Wizard of Oz her favorite movie and still is!

    love the dance picture, too precious.


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