Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They've been finished for a while

but I never remembered to take a picture until a couple of days ago.  The grandchildren were here for a few hours and I gave a camera to The Princess so she could have something quiet to do while her brother was napping.  Mostly she took some really good pictures, especially considering she's only four, but one of the things she wanted to do was model for me.  Remember these?

I posted them way back in March.  I finished most of the projects but haven't taken any pictures of some.  I turned the top three fabrics into these --- 

The dress on the left is for The Princess, on the right for The Princess in Training.

The Princess was wearing hers and decided she wanted to model it, sans apron.  For some reason, she doesn't like the apron.  I'm thinking I'll remove the buttons that hold it on since she never wears it.

Full, twirly skirts are so much fun!