Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've been MIA lately, at least from blogland.  I have a small rental house which has been empty for the last couple of weeks.  That means it's time to fix what tenants took or broke and do routine maintenance.  I had to hire a couple of trades and am working around their schedules and the weather.  Did you know painters want dry weather to paint outside?  Amazing!  There was a lot of damage and items, such as inside doors, blinds, and dry creek bridges (the short list), which are also MIA.  Why would anyone remove an inside door?  Or take a bridge?  Luckily, I had a good security deposit but it won't cover nearly everything they damaged or took.  So, while I'm waiting for the trades, I've been doing the work I can do myself.  

That hasn't left much 'me time' so I'm behind on this month's Cherry Tree block, dusting, dishes, playing with fabric, and anything else that's fun.  I'm hoping rental things are finished by the end of next week so life can get back to normal.