Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Trees 19 and 20

Block 19

block 20
Here are blocks 19 and 20.  It's really hard to wait for the 10th each month for the next one.  Just five more and then the border.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilt Turning

 Or is it called a bed turning?  I can never remember.  I finally got most of the guest room cleaned out and thought I'd photograph my older quilts before Nearly Insane.  Since it's going to stay on the bed, I'm doing NI last and leaving it in place.

6-pointed Stars quilt
 The bed belonged, as far back as I know, to my great-great-grandmother Caroline Garrell.  I was told her son, my great-grandfather, was born in this bed in 1862.  
I know when he was born so the year is correct!  I don't know how long she'd had the bed at that time.
He was much older than my great-grandmother whom he married on March 22, 1900. I inherited the bedroom furniture when my great-grandmother died, just before my senior year of 
high school.  I really treasure it and still miss her.  Besides the 3/4 bed (between twin and double in size), I have a Martha Washington table, a wig stand, and a marble-top dresser with jewelry drawers and a mirror.  This was the furniture I used in my room until I got 
married and then my daughters used it when they were big enough.

Now the story of this quilt.  My great-grandparents had three children.  My grandmother was the first, then a year later a boy, and, many years later, another girl, also named Caroline for her grandmother.  This quilt was made for her husband by his mother.  He was born in 1909 but I don't know much else about his family or exactly when the quilt was made.  

From a slightly different angle

The pink print was used in several stars

 This red print is deteriorating in most places it was used

Three of the stars to show fabrics.  There are two background greens here.
Quilting from the back
If any of you can date the fabrics, I'd really appreciate a note.  My great-aunt and uncle were married in the 1930's but I have no idea if he already had the quilt. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Winner, winner!

Linda Collins of Quilts in the Barn had a give away for pin cushion patterns and I won one of them!  She had four different patterns and mine is called Folky at Heart, perfect for me.  She also sent wool to make it with - how great is that!!!  It went together really easily and was a lot of fun to make.

Pattern and wool she sent

Pattern and finished pin cushion
I used yellow and green that I had but I really like what she sent.  Thank you, Linda!!!

I finished my Nearly Insane quilt last week but haven't photographed it yet.  I'm working on my guest room where it's going to live and need to finish that first.  The weather has been beautiful here lately so I'm also working on getting my garden in.  Rain is in the forecast for next week so I have to get that done while it's dry.