Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog names

When I started my blog, the name was a problem as all of the names I wanted (and still want) were already taken.  What I really wanted was MaryMade, no other descriptors, no limiters, no numbers, just MaryMade.  It was taken.  As was Mary Made This, Mary Made That, Mary Made It, Look What Mary Made, and everything else I tried including a slew of titles without mention of Mary.  So I settled on Gwendie's Quilts since my cat seems to think all my quilts are hers but most importantly because it was available.  The problem, as I'm sure you've noticed, is I don't make only quilts.  I sew.  I seriously sew.  I also knit, crochet, paint, bake, garden, and a lot of other things that give me enjoyment and I blog about all of them.   If I only posted about quilts I make, there are times I'd have one a year.  They take time since I hand applique (I admit I've machine appliqued two quilts) and almost always hand quilt.

There is one other name I could use that isn't taken but I'm a bit worried about just what type of reader, and so other links which are not at all what I want, I'd be attracting!  So I'm not using it even though, to me, it's a very innocent name.  Maybe I could have picked Gwendie's Person Did This but I don't like that name.

I just wanted to get this out there because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's had a problem like this.  I thought I'd explain how I got the name and to tell you why my quilt blog is about more than quilting.  And ask - how did you pick your blog names, especially if your first pick was already in use??? 


  1. Well, pink pincushion was my first pick and lucky me... it hadn't been taken! But I have to tell you that I love seeing EVERYTHING that you make and admire your incredible talents!!! I have been away from bloggyville and just stopped by to catch up and see what wonderful things you have made! Always impressive!

  2. I have trouble naming children, pets, etc.
    My blog name just came to me on a plane - the weekend I decided I would start a blog!

    I love bloggers who share all of their sewing, crochet...needlework etc.

  3. It always takes me a while to name my quilts - luckily, the label is the last item so I always have some time. New to blogging, I just link to my website which was easy to name.


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