Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving along . . .

This week, I finished three Nearly Insane blocks.  First, I want to show the difference in the pictures when I use the external flash on my camera - the real colors are somewhere in between.  I think the bottom of the flash photo is closest to what my eye sees.  I didn't aim the flash directly at the squares so that's most likely how I managed to get a slight shadow on the bottom.

Block 6 using a flash

Block 6 with a lamp

Block 7

Block 8

The inner HST's finish at 1/2", the outer at 3/4".  The block really is flat - it's just hard to get it to stay that way with so much fabric in the seams, even with good pressing.  It will be fine once I sew it to the sashing.

The other project I worked on was Midnight Stars.

Here it is, marked, basted, and ready to go.  It's about finished so I'll post pictures of it later in the week.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm usually a 'work on one quilt at a time and finish it' kind of person so I don't know what's happened to me!  I have pictures from three quilts I've made progress on (or started) and they don't include Beyond the Cherry Tree because I haven't finished stitching down the 112 cherries or even started the embroidery in block 16.  I also have what I need to start an embroidery BOM quilt for my granddaughter.  Once I start it, I'll post the link with the photos.

I've had the book Nearly Insane, AKA the Salinda Rupp quilt, for over seven years.  As soon as I saw one, I loved it, knew I had to make it, and bought the book.  The owner of my favorite shop at the time (she sold it and it's different now) had made it and brought it to a class.  I couldn't make it out of the shop without the book!   I've been looking at it ever since and thinking how hard it looks.  I'm sure CJ and Lori got tired of me whining about it because they finished theirs so I'm sure they already know.  This week I got my brave on and jumped in.  My goal is to average one block a week finished.  Some of them have close to 200 pieces in a block that finishes six inches.  Others are easier and I can finish them more quickly.  This is a project I can fit in during the day. This week, I finished the first three.

I also finished blocks two and three in the Civil War BOW Barbara Brackman is posting.

I cropped the photo of block 2 the same as the others 
but for some reason, that photo doesn't show up.  Just pretend, okay? 

I wanted gold stars on a blue ground in the applique block.  I enjoy applique and that didn't bother me at all but I chose the wrong fabric.  I couldn't get sharp points on the stars.  It may be just one block but I don't like it.  I also don't like the block enough to redo it.   The fabric is from my LQS, not a fabric/craft store, but the weave is very loose and the threads too coarse.  I shouldn't have picked it - I know better.  If I trimmed the fabric inside the points as close as I normally do, it raveled way too much so  I ended up with way too much fabric/too many threads inside my points.  I won't use this fabric for applique again and I may not use it for piecing.  I'll have to try it in a sample and see if it holds together.

My last photo this week is of the pieces for the doll quilt, Midnight Stars, Lori is posting.  I love doll quilts - they're easy to finish and easy to display.

This doesn't look like much but I'm ready for the next step.