Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Car quilt

finished quilt
I have to tell you about when I gifted this quilt.  It's for my grandson, The King, and I took it when I was going to babysit.  When I got there, he was napping and DD was about to leave, so I showed it to her before he was up.  His sister, The Princess, looked at it and said, "That was so sweet of you!  He loves cars!"  This from a three year old!!!  She didn't ask about one for her - just said how much he'd love it.  I was totally impressed.

I finished this quilt while I was waiting for Cherry Trees block 25 to be posted.  The pattern is from Patchwork and Stitching (from Australia), Vol. 12, No. 6 and first I have to make a correction to the materials list in magazine if anyone else decides to make it.  The blue behind the cars says 1/3 yard and I wish I'd read the directions before I bought the fabrics.  First, take that blue and cut two 10 1/2" strips.  Since 1/3 yard is only 12", it just doesn't work.  I got five background pieces from the strip and found another blue in my stash for the sixth.  

I did this on the machine, thinking it would be finished faster, but I really prefer my finished product when I do it by hand.  I used a method I think I saw demonstrated by Eleanor Burns on her old show.  I stitched a light weight fusible interfacing to the car shapes, glue facing the right side of the fabric, stitched around them, slashed the interfacing, and then turned right side out.  I think fusible interfacing is softer and more flexible than two sided products and I have a finished edge.  The picture is stitched and trimmed but not turned. 

fabric right side

I cut out the section of fusible where the windows go and literally had to sleep on it to figure a way to fuse the edges of the windows.  I used Wonder Under Light (but will have raw edges) and here it is again before the pieces were turned ---

fabric wrong side

I cut out the inside of the windows and then pressed the cars in place and stitched around the edges.  The ladder on the fire truck was a challenge but it's intended to be a drag-around quilt for a two year old and used up so I didn't stress over it.

Oh - middle car on the right?  The checkered one in the pictures?  It's a cab - get it?  Checkered cab???


  1. As soon as I saw the quilt, I thought the black and white check car was a cab. Cute idea for a quilt and cute idea to use the black and white check.

  2. What a sweet little quilt for a young fellow who loves cars!!! You did a lovely job on it!!!

  3. The King will always love your quilt. It is adorable!! The border fabric is so perfect. All in all, another great 'finish'.

  4. Your little princess sounds wise beyond her years - very sweet.
    It s fabulous quilt for a little boy and the checkered cab is perfect.

  5. Very cute quilt! And your grandaughter sounds adorable!


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