Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Schnibble - Doc

Basically, Doc is what Carrie has named a quilt made from Card Trick blocks.  The last time I tried one of these, I had to name it Misdeal and I haven't tried another since.  That just made me more determined to get it right this time - and I succeeded!  I used charm packs of Fresh Flowers by Deb Strain.  (Fresh Flowers - May quilt.  Get it?)  

The first thing that came to mind when I spread out the squares of fabrics was the saying everything old is new again.  The prints and colors really remind me of the '60's, first because of this fabric -

Picture it about as dark as along the right side of the photo, pretend it's flocked wallpaper, and it's what my mother put in the downstairs powder room of their new home.  Honestly, I hated that wallpaper.  It reminded me of a brothel in a B-Western.  I did like the rest of the fabrics, though.

The next thing I realized is I should do this -

and not this -

There's a difference in the way they're cut.  Unfortunately, the orange print was one of my favorites and I couldn't use it.

All the blocks cut out and stacked individually  

I use sheets of deli paper (from Costco) to keep each block separate from the others

These are finished blocks
And here is the completed top.  I know I won't finish the quilting this month so decided to show it just as the flimsy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Look what I won!

A while ago, Kate Spain had a give-away and I was one of the lucky winners!  I thought I was getting a charm pack but there was a goof up with the mail delivery so she sent me a layer cake instead.  Can you believe it?  The fabric isn't even supposed to be in stores till next month so I think I'm doubly lucky.  This fabric line is called Joy.  To me, the designs say '50's even though designers call it Mid-Century.  (When you've lived through it, Mid-Century just sounds too old.) 

Sorry for the glare - it's the wrapper

Obviously, I'm going to use this for is a Christmas quilt.  Most of the fabrics are prints with a few geometrics.  (To see the line, click here, then click on "Joy" - third row, third column.)   I'm just not sure what to use for the quilt pattern.  Most of the prints are about the size of the trees so tiny little pieces won't show off the fabric.  I want to do piecing, not applique, for this one so I can have it completely finished by Thanksgiving along with several other quuilts I want to do for gifts.

So my question is - what pattern would you use to show off the fabrics?  The fabrics use white as a background and I have lots of white I can add.  Obviously, no piece can be larger than 10".  I'd like a pattern that reflects the same time period and that's where I'm stumped.