Monday, January 16, 2012

Abigail's Christening Dress

I spent last week working on the Christening dress for Abigail.  I'd made one that her mother and both of my other daughters wore, and then The Princess wore it when she was baptized.  Abigail was a month older, though, and that dress was too small.  When First Daughter was married five years ago (before I had a blog) I made her wedding gown.  It's all silk - lining, underlining, organza for interfacing, outer dress, the whole works.  I bought a bolt of fabric (on a roll, not folded, but that's another post) and have some left so made Abagail's dress from that.  I had just enough lace to put on the hem.  I had about 3" left when I was finished but enough works.  You can see the detail in the picture.  The wedding gown has flowers on the back and I made one like that for the bodice of Abigail's gown.  

The whole dress doesn't show in the collage so here's a longer view.


  1. How beautiful!
    I love all the connections too with other dresses in the family.
    Certainly a very special heirloom. really SEW!!

  2. It's gorgeous! You did such wonderful work on both the wedding and the christening dress. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love your beading too.

    1. The lace came with the beading already on it so I only had to restitch it. Pearls kept falling off, everywhere, and I didn't want anyone to slip on them or for the beading to look incomplete. It was a really good find.

  4. You do beautiful work....treasures/heirlooms all!!


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