Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To go with the quilt...

I've had this pattern for over a year, fully intending to make it for my youngest daughter (YD) because she loves elephants.  Then middle daughter (MD) decided to do elephants as the theme in the nursery.  How perfect is this?  She said she wanted something small so it would be easier for a baby to grab and this is about 4".  I had some of the blue fabric left and turned it in to this.  For obvious reasons, I left off the eyes.

MD's birthday was on Saturday so gave her both the quilt (last post) and the elephant with her other birthday gifts.  She loves them!


  1. Mary, that is soooo cute!!! And it will look fabulous in the room with the quilt! I loved the quilt to BTW.

  2. OMG that is just adorable! I love that elephant not sure I have the patience tomake things like this though!
    cute, cute, cute
    the baby will love it I am sure

  3. Adorable, first word that came to mind. Makes me think of Babar

  4. What a great little ele, and a matching quilt no less!! I love them too ;-)
    Great idea for a nursery.

  5. Absolutely perfect! The pattern and fabric were meant to go together.


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