Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beyond gthe Cherry Trees borders

I've finished stitching the borders. 

I've washed them (to get the markings out) and pressed them.  Now they're ready to be sewn to the quilt top.

For a bit of bloggy housekeeping, I've removed the verification word requirement from comments so you should be able to type your comment, hit publish, and not have to decipher Google's hieroglyphics.  I hope this makes it easier for everyone.


  1. HA! Thanks Mary! Isn't that new word verification something else! It usually takes me two or three tries before I get it right! LOL

    Those borders look wonderful!

  2. Well Done. I still have a folder with the patterns. I haven't even started it. I liked yesterdays quilt too. I couldn't get the comment to work so thanks for changing it.

  3. Congrats - I love this quilt. I have 1.5 blocks left to finish and the borders.
    Looking forward to seeing your finish! I'll be right behind you ;-) or so I hope...

  4. they look great!!!! congrats to finishing can't wait to see the top all together....what a major accomplishment.

  5. Congrats - well done! Looking forward to seeing your assembled top. (And a big thank you for the removal of the verification). Ady

  6. Your applique borders are looking gorgeous!!!
    I wonder if Blogger receives lots of complaints would they change their new word verification requirements....

  7. Another big milestone! Congratulations!!!!

  8. Looove those borders!!

    I turned off word verification too.


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