Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Laura's quilt

My only local granddaughter will be a year old tomorrow. This is the April quilt from Lori Smith's quilt of the month patterns I made for her to remember her first birthday. I always hand applique but not here. I also love to hand quilt but this quilt has a flannel back so I machine quilted it, too. So not me! But I didn't want to fight the flannel. The back is a wavy pink and white stripe - very spring and very girly.

When I was first looking for fabrics, I found Hallmark had a celebration line so this has birthday cakes and hats and balloons in several of the pieces. I tried to cut so they'd show even though they don't in this picture.


  1. I love Lori Smith patterns...and I love this quilt!

  2. What a sweet quilt - and a very lucky little girl.

    BTW - you posted a comment on my blog looking for the pattern for the bags I made. Here's the link to the pattern.

    It's a 16x21 bag. I tweeked ht epattern a bit by using a 6'' piece across the bottom with a tiny contrasting strip for "piping". I used pellon fusible fleece which makes it nice and thick. I used the pellon on the straps too, and they are nice and comfy.

  3. Thanks, Sherri and Belva! This was really fun to make since it was for such a special occasion.

    Belva - thanks for the tips on making up that bag. I have to admit - besides quilting, I'm a bag and apron addict.

  4. Lori Smith is one of my very favorite designers, and this quilt is just lovely!! Also, I wanted to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog ;) Very nice to meet you indeed!!


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