Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lucy's quilt

My son had a second daughter on Christmas Eve. Knowing ahead of time that they were expecting a girl made it much easier to pick fabrics for her quilt. I had something else in mind entirely when I went to the fabric store . . . something bright . . . but when I saw these, I changed my mind. For some reason, when I took the picture, I didn't think to back up and get the whole thing in the view finder. I hand quilted it with hearts in the setting squares and diagonal lines through the striped blocks. I didn't think to take a picture of the back, either. I don't know where my brain was that day.


  1. Oh, Gwendie, It's so adorable! I love your fabric choices. Those blue plaid adds a great touch to this quilt, love it! :-)

  2. Hi Gwendie, I love the quilt you made the baby, it is so pretty. I also love the quilt at the top of your blog. I think I need to look for that pattern. I like the new books you just got. I feel a book order coming up. LOL Jo's new book also. Have a good evening. Sandi in Alabama

  3. Oh google seems to have eaten my comment so I'll try again. I think baby quilts should be very simple - it is a baby afterall. And this one suits wonderfully. The colors and design are prefect. To answer your question on my blog - no aprons. Teapots and kitchens! thanks


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