Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Aurora Colony Quilt Show

This is always my favorite quilt show of the year.  The theme this year was "Seeing Red" but there were still many quilts that weren't "just" red and white.  I used a different lens on my camera this year and couldn't get back far enough to get pictures of the full quilts - lesson learned.  Next year, I'll take a shorter lens.

One of the curators told us that next year's show will be quilts from their collection.  I'm really looking forward to that!  The first quilt is from the collection.  I was helping to wrangle my grandchildren this year so didn't get as many pictures as last year and I also missed getting photos of the labels.  

Close up of above quilt

The upper right and lower left baskets were navy blue

Displayed in the children's room
Lower left block of above quilt

I love this cradle and look forward to seeing the quilt in it each year
This is truly a 'make-do' quilt

My 4-year-old granddaughter (The Princess) looked at the beautiful Hawaiian quilt with pineapples all around the center (which I didn't manage to get a picture of) and told me she thinks that is what God looks like.  The bottom pineapple (which is upside down) is His foot, she said, with His toes on the bottom.  I think she horrified an older woman standing next to her as the woman told her, VERY firmly and quickly, that it's NOT. 


  1. Silly women, I think it's great when youngsters use their imagination .Everyones interpretation of god is different.
    The quilts are wonderful,thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures from the show, is there anything thats much better then an antique red and white quilt?????
    beautiful quilts, so much inspiration
    oh the Princess should just keep using her imagination and not listen to that old woman ....
    I think it is wonderful that she came up with that comparison shows she thinks about God.
    at 4 thats amazing!

  3. I like it when you visit this show and share the pictures ;-) Looking forward to next year too. Nice collection!
    Very special to view exhibits like this with the young ones - she's obviously a creative talent! I'm already wondering what will be in the cradle next year! (red and green last year - I looked at the Smilebox again.

  4. Some lovely quilts there, thankyou for sharing some of this exhibition, it left me curious about the two blue baskets among the red ones - ummm! wonder about the story behind that.....
    Slowly catching up with my blog reading, I've been so way behind lately...
    I also enjoyed seeing photos of Oregon and your breadmaking!

  5. I don't think the older lady standing next to your granddaughter knows any more about what God looks like than the Princess does! It reminds me of an old story about a little girl drawing a picture in Sunday School class. The teacher asked her what she was drawing.....and she replied..."A picture of God". The teacher gently told her that no one knows what God looks like.....and the little girl said, "They will when I get done with this picture."


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