Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pillow cover

I've spent most of the week hand quilting so thought I'd post another project, one where I can actually see results.  This is a boudoir pillow cover, 'heirloom sewn on the machine' which sounds a lot like hand-quilted on a machine but that's the name of the technique.  You can make them any size, any shape, any combination of parts.  I wish I'd chosen a size and shape more closely resembling a pillow form - the one I made has gotten lumpy over the years so I'll make another but the picture shows it empty.


  1. Your Heirloom sewing is beautiful - have you done any for the Princess?
    I have read books on it - but no attemps.

  2. What a beautiful pillow cover! Have never tried heirloom sewing, but always admire it when I see it!


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