Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Day 20

The main thing wrong is this is where my Bernina lives.  When it's home.  It's been in the shop for almost three weeks and I really miss it.  Did it have to pick this time of year to quit?  Apparently, a board was bad.  Or more than one because one has been replaced and it's still not working so another was ordered but has not arrived yet.  This is the Kenmore that I got when my oldest daughter was an infant and luckily I've kept it cleaned and oiled.  It has a little something that goes in the bobbin case and then does a one thread chain stitch which is wonderful for basting.  Flat bed only, no free arm but I don't use that feature very often anyway.  I didn't realize, though, how often I use my knee lift because I still find my knee going for it after three weeks.  No needle up - needle down button.  No needle threader.  I feel like I'm living in the dark ages but at least I have a machine that sews.  I didn't get out my Featherweight because I needed to zigzag and this one does do a very nice stitch.  You can see the little flip light I keep behind it for extra light - I'm so glad I put that there!  

One thing I did (that maybe I shouldn't have but it worked!) is use my Bernina bobbins because they were already threaded with the right colors and I only have three for this machine that I can find.  I figured it was worth a try!  I'm not recommending it to anyone else just in case it doesn't work in yours but I'm really glad it worked for this one. 


  1. Thank goodness, like me, you have a back-up machine. I have a small Singer with no 'extras' on it,couldn't be without a sewing machine.

  2. You have just proved what I've always told my husband (and he doesn't understand), you NEVER want to let go of an old, well-loved, working sewing machine. I still have my first machine, the Singer slant-needle I bought in 1958, and my daughter has my 1968 Elna which I could reclaim at a moment's notice. I also have a Featherweight 221 and my grandmother's Singer 128 (made in 1939) so I'm in good shape as long as the power doesn't go off. I really do need to get me a good treadle!! (smile) A girl just can't have too many sewing machines, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

  3. I purchased an old Kenmore at a thrift store several months ago. It has to be oiled in a million places but it sure has a nice stitch and runs well.

  4. Good you have a backup. I've heard there are 'opportunities' with counterfit chips making their way into boards. Very unfortunate.
    I hope your machine is home soon.

  5. I know what you mean...I just hate it when I have to take my Bernina to the shop too!!!!!

  6. What a fabulous vintage sewing machine!!!! Glad it is still sewing nicely for you!!


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