Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Gwendie

Artists know the phrase, "Value does the work but color gets the credit."  Gwendie thinks the saying could be said for cats and dogs since I've shared pictures of my dog but never of her.  And she knows the quilts are hers because of my blog name.

Just having a cat nap
These are regular doll buggies.  Gwendie's just a big girl. 

I've been busy hand quilting my Nearly Insane quilt so there are no pictures to share yet.  I'm even behind on my Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks but will catch up when the quilting is finished.


  1. Cats are afterall, official 'quilt inspectors'!! it amazes me how they can contort themselves into any shape, just to fit into something!!! Look forward to seeing your Nearly Insane quilt!

  2. Gwendie is a sweetie. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Oh my word! She is so cute!! And big too!!

    You are quilting NI and we never even saw the top?

  4. She is adorable - I didn't realize your blog was named after her! I thought you must be busy with a big project because you didn't post for a while. Glad you're back now!

  5. That's a cute photo of Glendie in the buggy!


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