Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nearly Insane and Beyone the Cherry Trees - 18

I've been making blocks for my Nearly Insane quilt like I'm, well, nearly insane.  Rather than one at a time, here's what I've finished so far. I think I have 51 blocks in this stack but there may be a few more.  This seems like an obvious scrap quilt to me.  Some of the pieces finish at 1/4" and some blocks look like leftovers that were cut down to finish at 6" - an example is a Lone Star that has the star tips lopped off.

Nearly Insane blocks

I also finished block 18 of Beyond the Cherry Trees  ---

Block 18
This block has been up on the design board for over a week waiting for me to get the camera out.  Sometimes that's the slowest part of blogging.  

I've also been working on clothing for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  That girl loves new dresses more than toys and since I also love to make them for her, well, we're a perfect fit!  Pictures to follow . . . .


  1. Good for you getting a Beyond the Cherry Tree block done. And for having so many of the Insane blocks done. I enjoyed the view today.

  2. What a tantalizing stack of insane blocks - can't wait to see them all together. Love your cherry tree block - a whole quilt full of these would be wonderful! I used to love sewing dresses for my girls when they were little. How fun to have a little grandgirl to sew for now!

  3. I am very impressed that you have made so many nearly insane blocks. Good for you!!! And your Cherry Tree block is gorgeous.

  4. the block is perfect!
    love your fabric choices...I still need to start this quilt :)

  5. Beautiful block. All of your nearly insane blocks are great. Thank you for sharing! I love civil war!

    I am new to your blog and will visit you again, soon!

    Carolyn :)

  6. Your block is beautiful! I'm also new to your blog and will be back to explore some of those blog archives.

  7. What a lovely block. You did a wonderful job on it. Looks like you're making excellent progress on your Nearly Insane quilt blocks. I have the book and want to give the blocks a try but they're a bit intimidating!


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