Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bread making day

I have several favorite bread recipes.  This one is a multi-grain bread from 
America's Test Kitchen.  (I think it's also available online.)

You start by soaking the multi-grain cereal (I use Bob's Red Mill, a local company but widely available).  
While it soaked, I measured the rest of the ingredients.

The risen dough.

Formed and after the second rise.

I wish you could smell this!



  1. Yes, I can imagine the smell - its heavenly! I grew up on homemade bread like this. Love Bob's Red Mill products. I eat the muesli with blueberries almost every morning. Also love America's Test Kitchen recipes, will have to check this one out. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

  2. You are a bad girl,lol. I am a would be dieter and bread is my major down fall,and yours looks delicious .My mouth is watering as I type...
    Laura xx

  3. Fall is in the air!! I made bread yesterday afternoon. Mine was really good, but yours looks TERRIFIC!! You even have nice bread pans. I made ALL our bread when our girls were growing up and my pans are old and UGLY, but they still work, so I guess I'll keep them. (smile)

  4. Beautiful! I think I could smell it too ;-)
    My kids love to bake bread too - I think they are now better at it then I.

  5. Seriously, it made my mouth water just looking at the pictures! I have been wanting to make some bread!


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