Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyond the Cherry Trees 19 and 20

Block 19

block 20
Here are blocks 19 and 20.  It's really hard to wait for the 10th each month for the next one.  Just five more and then the border.


  1. The use of the blue for the trim on the striped pot is so good! And I like the basket shape on the other block. I don't know why the blocks look so much more simple to make when I see them made up by someone than when I see them on the website.

  2. Love your fabric selections. I just love these blocks and it is so fun to see how everyone choses to do them. I have a few berries left to complete mine. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

  3. Your applique blocks are beautiful!!! Look forward to seeing all of them together in the quilt!!!

  4. Your applique is wonderful. I love doing applique anyway it is one of my favorites types of quilting. I look forward to seeing more of your project.


  5. Nice stitching :)


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