Monday, February 14, 2011

How I spend my Fridays

Smile for the camera!

You have to hold the tongue just so . . .

This glue is sticky stuff  
 Tah Dah!!!

We do an art project every week and this time we made a flower pot for her parents for Valentine's Day.  Her brother is 14 months old and was too busy playing with his blocks to pose. 


  1. I too love doing art projects with the grandchildren! I think I even have one that will be a sewer.....

  2. It is wonderful that you do that with the children. Get them interested in the art of hand made while they are little.

  3. What a good grandma, not afraid to make a mess! have to love this, Mary!

  4. She's adorable! You're making such lovely memories for both of you.


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