Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving along . . .

This week, I finished three Nearly Insane blocks.  First, I want to show the difference in the pictures when I use the external flash on my camera - the real colors are somewhere in between.  I think the bottom of the flash photo is closest to what my eye sees.  I didn't aim the flash directly at the squares so that's most likely how I managed to get a slight shadow on the bottom.

Block 6 using a flash

Block 6 with a lamp

Block 7

Block 8

The inner HST's finish at 1/2", the outer at 3/4".  The block really is flat - it's just hard to get it to stay that way with so much fabric in the seams, even with good pressing.  It will be fine once I sew it to the sashing.

The other project I worked on was Midnight Stars.

Here it is, marked, basted, and ready to go.  It's about finished so I'll post pictures of it later in the week.


  1. I love your blocks and your choices in fabrics!!!

  2. I have the same problem with my camera. I normally take several photos changing the exposure setting until I get as close to the true colours. Or I take it outdoors. It is always better taken in natural light.

  3. The blocks look wonderful and so beautifully pieced. Yay for #8!

  4. Really enjoy seeing your new blocks, Mary! Interesting to see how the photos changed with the different lighting!

  5. Nice piecing on your NI blocks! Are you having fun with them?


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