Sunday, April 4, 2010

Evan's quilt

Finally - a picture of the baby quilt! I didn't take one of the back but it's mostly white, like the front, with stripes down the sides made from fabrics I used in the body of the quilt. A few of the stripes are pieced. The quilt is a bit bigger than 45" wide and probably between 5 and 6 feet long. I finished it last October, long before Evan was born on December 3rd. I truly love hand quilting and and this was intended to be a special quilt for him, and one he would use, so I quilted it by hand. My daughter and her husband decided not to find out if he was a boy or girl until he made his arrival, so no pink and very little blue in this one - even though I was pretty sure he was a boy.

I have my Circuit Rider quilt marked now but haven't begun the quilting. I had really intended to do that this winter but just never got it started. It's folded up and sitting on the back of the couch in my living room so that I don't forget. Maybe I'll get it started next fall. I have other quilts to make before then and don't want something that big draped over my lap in the summer.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. The quilt turned out wonderfully. I love the edging.

  2. Yay, you are back! Love the star quilt you made for the baby.

  3. Lovely to have you back! The quilt is wonderful, congrats on a great finish. I love that you hand quilted it.

  4. I really really love Evan's quilt. It is fabulous.

  5. Your work is most beautiful, my dear. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!


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